Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let's Talk About Artemis

Where do we start?
Current and previous status: Woman, mother of 2 boys, lives with partner, who has multiple maladies, he gets and uses Legal Aid and he has a child for whom he pays $6 a week CS and of course the partners ex wife is just terrible and so unfair and always causing trouble blah blah blah, got the baby bonus for her last child but didn't say no thanks or offer to give it back, receives very generous Child Support now from her own ex husband, gets Centrelink payments as well as works full time and is an expert on absolutley everything, you name it she's done it or if she hasn't then she's the "Google Queen". She loves loves loves to suck it up with all the boys on that site and they love her because she puts women down all the time (well only after the boys have as she doesn't have the gonads to speak up first). Down go the single mothers, down go the women, down go the feminazis, they all deserve her scorn.

Hold on a minute....did she somehow forget about what she is and what she does?
Artemis try googling the word HYPOCRITE!

How Embarassing Mr Agog!!!

Agog wrote today:

'MikeT and othersGTF is on here to have a stir. New user cherry picking some of the postings! The recent SPCA conference had 2 Mums there as SPCA Executives. We should also forget that Coral Slattery (a Mum) was with Michael Green and the Secretary of the SPCA at a closed meeting with the AG. As regards groups that are on this portal -lets see -well FLRA is headed by a Mum, SRL-R is non gender and Mothers 4 Equality is ahem (no surprise) run by a Mum -so where does GTF gets this viewpoint?Then again if GTF really is in Tassie a quick check through IP Addreses might reveal GTF is an old user returning under a new user name?Ah - the great wonders of the sites security and statistical software that can tell us many things!"

Mr Agog, does it feel strange to refer to yourself in third person in a post? You might be able to trade stories with Lindsay over that one as he does it regularly. hehehe
Mr Agog you're also embarassing yourself a lot although I don't think you realise it. When you crow about knowing where the IP came from, it doesn't mean that you have superior internet skills, superior site security or even statistical software you ninny. Any idiot can access your IP address. You're showing just how ignorant you are. Embarassing? Yes, very! And for the record, the IP address doesn't come from anyone here.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

They're still hiding behind the "It's a Portal" facade.

D4E says:
"Although informative getthefacts you have forgotten that this is a portal for many different groups that offer support in many differing ways so in essence it does welcome parents you've highlighted areas that can easily be taken out of context with the conversation. "

Well not exactly D4E:

The "portal" was set up by Shared Parenting Council of Australia which is a Mens group. Then you have in the "community" which doesn't even exist and is a name only that is affiliated through the USA site which was set up by Lionel Richards who was Shared Parenting Council Aust. Mens group.
Then you have Mothers4Equality grandly welcomed to the "community" except they don't exist either and were set up by the SPCA with Debbie at the head who is an avid member of Fathers4Equality. Mens Group.
Then there is Family Law Reform Ass with John and Coral, which is just another front for mens rights. Mens group.
Then Dads on The Air is also part of the community (with most of the same members). Mens group.

They're all in bed together, despite deperately trying to create an impression that they are all independent "Portal" and they don't control what is going on. From what appears on the website, this is more of an excuse not to remove some of the more offensive posts on the site.
No wonder nobody takes any of you seriously, do you really think people are that dammed stupid?

Where is the Certificate from the NSW Bar?

It seems there are a few people practising law on there without the appropriate paperwork....hmmm.

Agog/Michael/Sisyphus admits:

"Many people join SRL-R with an expectation we are going to do 100% for them and are often not prepared to help themselves. Some people give us highly selective versions of their cases and waste much of our time 'pulling teeth'. If they were paying a solicitor $300-400 an hour would they do the same?D4L has made a number of postings about 'paying it forward' and trying to help yourself. You might be very surprised at how many people expect 20, 30 40 or more than a hundred hours of time and seem unable to grasp that the time and other out of pocket expenses has to come from somewhere. In terms of reciprocation and donations it has always been a 'hot' internal topic amongst the SRL-R people. You will note I use the term 'reciprocation' and I use it in the sense that you do not have to know anything or very much about Family Law to help us, there are many ancillary tasks that can be performed to make the SRL-R Execs time at the coalface more efficient. "

Then OneringRules/SSPCA/Wayne offers this confirmation in the same thread:

"The donations are received by FLWG. Funds are used for any worthy cause applied for on a case by case basis from any member group. To date there has not been a significant amount and any funds have been used in the development center to fund bandwidth and external developer resources. The site developers can give you more info if required. "

Does this mean you are all expecting some sort of compensation in exchange for legal advice? I hope not because as SRL's you would all know that that is against the law.

Read All About it!! Jackel admits to Mens Group!!

It's a big day today!
Finally an admission by one of the founding members of that it is fact a group for fathers. Not a "portal", not a "parents group" but a MENS GROUP!!! Like we didn't already know it!

Testing-one-two said:
I think you may be referring to a different site. This is not a Dad's site. There are plenty of them out there. This site is for SRLs, separated parents, their partners, grandparents, and family members regardless of their gender. Correct?

Dad4life/Matrix/Lindsay replied:
No. You are incorrect. I was quite definitely referring to this site.Dads are more than welcome here. And believe it or not, Dads have rights too.The courts and the legal system (lawyers included ... "shadow of the law") are far more biased against fathers and, contrary to your misunderstanding and mischaracterisation, there are far fewer places, safe places, for separated fathers than there are for mothers.

Lindsay will be taken out the back and severely chastised by the likes of Wayne, Michael et al.
Enjoy Lindsay!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dumb and Dumber!!!

vascopajama asked on FLWG:

I've just been served with an intervention order. It says I'm not allowed to use electronic means to to any person relating to the person/s protected by this order.Does that mean I'm not allowed to seek help here ..or on the telephone?

monster thoughtfully replied:

What? Someone off this site served you an intervention order? Thats the only reason you not be allowed to contact this site.Do the orders would have a explanation sheet attacthed saying how you are act to satisfy them? If you have been using this site to harass, stalk or bully someone and they feel intimidated you shouldnt be on the site cause that will contravene your order>. Other than that you should be able to get advice from the site like anyone else.Here is a legal aid resources about responding to the order. whats going on? Are you allright?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good Calibre of Posters FLWG!! NOT!!!

(s)truth posted on

"I do that as well, just to keep her on her toes.I puts in lots of change applications and object to everthing even when I know she is telling the truth like the school fees but she just gets copies of the forms I signed from the school.At least it keeps her having to respond and one day she will just give up and let me off.Keep it up mate. "

and then these gems from the same poster (s)truth...

"I had the kids on purpose but you are right sbout them being anoying when you are out etc so when I had enough I made a choice to just walk out the door.I am working on getting out of the money thing because I agree with you a man should not have to keep paying once he changes his mind,"

Who said there weren't any deadbeat Dads?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

MikeT an Idiot????

Mike T wrote a CSA quiz for Familylawwebguide seemingly to promote his superior knowledge of the CSA. Everyone that did the quiz was scratching their heads because they thought they were experts on CSA too but they just couldn't get a high score. This is why..check the answers and count how many are wrong! (asterisks denote what he thinks is the correct answer).

0) A CS liable parent has remarried and is now the step father of another child, can this child be considered a relevant dependant child?
b) No.
a) Yes.
c) Yes, if certain circumstances are met. [*]

1) If one parent (parent A) has a Child Support Income of $43212 and the other parent (parent B) has a Child Support Income of $6559. What is the combined child support income?
$49771 [*]

What does the acronym MTAWE stand for?
Male Total Average Weekly Earnings. [*]
Mean Total Average Weekly Expenses.
Mothers Total Average Weekly Expenses.

3) How many Reasons are there for applying for a Child Support Change Of Assessment?
10 [*]

4) Is a Disability Support Pension treated as income for Child Support purposes?
Yes. [*]

5) If a parent declares a taxable income that is less than the maximum standard Parenting Payment Single, what will their CS obligation be?
Approximately $6 per week.
Approximately $20 per week.
Approximately $6 per week for up to 3 child support cases.
Approximately $20 per week for up to 3 children. [*]

6) What band of care is a parent in if the parent has 128 nights of care per year?
Below Regular Care.
Regular Care.
Above Regular Care.
Below Shared Care.
Shared Care. [*]
Above Shared Care.
Part-Time Care.
Below Primary Care.
Primary Care.
Above Primary Care.
Below Sole Care.
Sole Care.
Above Sole Care.
None of the above.
All of the Above.

7) What minimum amount must a parent pay if entering into a binding Child Support agreement?
There is no minimum amount. [*]
The amount must be the same as if the CSA did an assessment.
The amount must be at least as much as if the CSA did an assessment.
The amount must be the same as a notional assessment.
The amount must be at least as much as a notional assessment.

8) How long after separation are parents given to work out parenting arrangements?
1 Month
1 Year
3 Months
4 Weeks
1 Week
13 Weeks [*]

9) If a parent (parent A) has 238 nights care of the child or children and has a taxable income of $150,000, whilst the other parent (parent B) is on an income support benefit, what would the payment arrangements be?
Parent A would pay the assessed CS amount.
Neither parent would pay CS. [*]
Parent B would pay CS of approximately $6 per week.
Parent B would pay CS of approximately $18 per week.

10) How many years after separation can a parent be exempt from paying CS on some of extra their income?
3 [*]

11) If a parent earns $25,000 and has a child under 13 for 60 nights per year and the other parent earns $20,000. What maintenance will the CSA collect from parent A?
Approximately $20 per week.
$66.67 per month.
$0 [*]
Approximately $6 per week.
$90.25 per month.

12) Of the three allowances, which would apply to a parent who has 2 children from one separation and another child from another separation?
Multi-Case Allowance.
Self Support Amount.
Self Support Amount and the Multi-Case Allowance. [*]
Relevant Dependant Child Allowance and the Self Support Amount.
Multi-Case Allowance and the Relevant Dependant Child Allowance.
All three

13) What does the Acronym DPO stand for?
Distributed Payment Office.
Departure Prohibition Order. [*]
Departure Payment Order.
Detached Parental Offspring.
Debtors Payment Order.
Detailed Prevention Order.
Departed Persons Order.

14) What is the acronym for the item that can override a DPO?
DAC [*]

15) How many Information Privacy Principles apply to the CSA collection of personal Information?
11 [*]

16) Does an employer have the right to dismiss an employee due to the cost of adhering to the requirement to deduct CS from that employees wage or salary?
No. [*]

17) Under what Change of Assessment Reason would a claim be made where the person is asset rich but income poor?
8 [*]

18) What Change of assessment reason would be used if a child were financially independant?
4 [*]

19) Who is the General Manager of the CSA?
Alby Schultz [*]
Joseph Stalin
Joe Hockey
Joe Ludwig
Matt Miller

20) Are the CSA allowed to double a parent's income in any of it's calculations?
Yes, always.
Yes, but only in application of a specific formula. [*]
Yes, but only on Fridays.
Yes, if the child is 13 or over.

21) A Parent informs the CSA that they have a Relevant Dependant Child, who is 1 year old, half way through the assessment period. From which date can the changed assessment take place?
It can be backdated to the start of the assessment period.
It can be backdated to when the child became a relevant dependant child (i.e. a year ago).
It has to wait until the next assessment period.
It cannot be implemented at all as the Parent didn't inform the CSA within 28 days.
It can be applied from the date that the CSA were notified. [*]

22) If a couple reconcile is that considered a terminating event?
Yes, if specific criteria are met.
Yes, but only after a period of one year.
Yes, but only after a period of 6 months. [*]
yes, but only if the couple are re-married.
No, never.

23) Can the CSA continue a Child Support assessment for a payer in the Cook Islands?
Yes, but only if they obtain a court order from the Cook Islands.
Yes, but only if they obtain a court order from the Family Law Court of Australia.
Yes, but only by a court order agreed upon by both the the Family Law Court of Australia and the Cook Islands exists.
Yes, but only if a court exists from the United Nations.
Yes, but only on the basis of a court order. [*]

24) A Parent gives his car to the other parent under the understanding that this will be credited as a non-agency payment. The car is still registered in the name of the parent who gave the car to the other Parent as that Parent is still paying the car off. Can the CSA credit the value of the car toward CS payments?
No [*]

25) Who thinks MikeT is a know it all patronising tosser who should just shut up?
All of us [*]
None of us we all agree that all women are feminazis.
Anyone who has ever had anything to do with him.

Danytink an Unbiased Mediator?

Danytink are you aware that your postings regarding your pornography obsession are easily accessed via the internet? Maybe the Family Law Court found them too and that's why they are not giving you work as a mediator? Do ya think so?

Monday, July 14, 2008


User Cricket wrote on Familylawwebguide:

Yes, I am female, yes I have a son who hopefully I have trained to be wary of all the predatory females who plot and scheme to sleep with with men in order to get pregnant.I have my own business in fashion and what I hear in the changing rooms makes my blood run cold. So many times I hear girls actually plan to go on a date, grab the first guy that comes along, tell him she's on the pill, then go all out to get pregnant knowing full well that she will get every financial benefit going.Time after time I see babies born into an absolute life of misery being pushed around in buggies by lazy mothers looking for the top fashions to get dressed up so they can go out and find the next gravy train.I know the men are equally selfish for having sex without a conscience but at some point something has to change because regardless of what the law does and says, there is now a generation of sad children being brought into the world as part of a get rich quick scheme by women.Thinking purely of the child and I get sick of hearing 'we must consider the best interests of the child' a forced to pay, absent father and a morally challenged mother never put the child first so it might be the right time to introduce a sad but necessary law which halts a pregnancy if neither parents can commit to looking after a child.This might sound harsh but I work in the frontline of hearing women at their worst by using men to secure their financial future. Last week I had to rush to the aid of a baby who was choking in her pram while her mother tried on clothes and took absolutely no notice of the distressed little girl. On grabbing her and tipping her upside down to dislodge the obstruction, her diaper was soaked, her legs red raw from dried urine and she had a bottle filled with coke.Even if the fathers want to do the right thing, a lazy, greedy and selfish mother won't recognise the right thing if it slapped her in the face because they are not prepared to make the sacrifices most mothers make.There is absolutely no excuse for a woman to get pregnant these days unless there is a huge pile of cash at the end of it which sadly, there is.

Cricket, you're at the "frontline" so you say, waiting on these money hungry gold diggers while they try on clothes and you're minding the babies blah blah blah......hang on, aren't you benefitting directly from the purchases of these gold digging child neglecting single mothers? Isn't it your clothes they're buying? Aren't you helping them to buy your clothes? Aren't you profiting from their purchases? Hypocrite!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

FamilyLawWebguide uses unqualified so called experts!!

They have various sections for things like SRL (Self Represented Litigants) and then an area for "Behaviour Management" where a person called Sage offers some advice that is supposed to be helpful. The trouble is Sage is completely unqualified and happens to live about 2 kilometres from the Secretary of the Shared Parenting Association. Co-incidence? I think not!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Censorship of the Worst Kind!!

If you post something that does not agree with their "All men are victims and their ex wives stole the money, the house and the children" whine, then if they don't feel like setting the hounds on you for some "robust debate" then they will just delete it altogether.
They only post what helps them in their quest to manipulate the public, the politicians and the media.
What would the Attorney General say if he knew the truth???

Thursday, July 10, 2008 A Sham!!!!

You may have come across an Australian based website called in your quest to find helpful and unbiased advice or information. You may have needed to have fair and factual information to help in your own situation in dealing with Family Law, The Child Support Agency, access to your children or other scenarios. You might have even posted a query to this forum expecting to receive helpful advice from someone else who has been in your situation. You probably read the title of the forum, read the Home page which states:

This website devoted to the special concerns of people facing serious and difficult challenges in their relationships.Our website offers advice, tips and resources to people struggling with having to make important decisions for themselves and about their relationships, their children and their futures.

and assumed that it was not a gender specific web site and that they were concerned about the plight of both husbands and wives and mothers and fathers.
If that was the case then you are WRONG!!!!!

Thefamilylawwebguide is a thinly veiled front for various aggressive mens groups like:

  • Shared parenting Council of Australia
  • Dads On The Air
  • Equal parenting Network
  • Family Law Reform Association Nsw

Most of the male members of FLWG have a long association with at least one of these groups and it is obvious from the online conversations that are searchable on the site, that a concious decision was made to entice female members to FamilyLawWebGuide in an effort to be taken more seriously.

In other words:


Although a couple of the members make some attempt to at least appear to be fair, most give up all pretence (knowing full well that they have the support of the senior administration) and launch biased and discriminatory attacks on the female members. At the time of writing there are only 2 or 3 female members that fully contribute and only one (Artemis) that is fully accepted mostly due to her attacks on other female users and of her denouncing members of her sex (in other words she is a suck up to the male members of the group).

They like to toss around such comments as "Femrat" and "Feminazi" to describe the mothers of their children. Of course they don't support the "no Fault" divorce because it was a sudden surprise that their wife just up and left them one day and "stole" their children off them and then proceeded to "steal" money off them. They don't support their children and the website is full of tips and tricks on how to avoid or minimise your child support liability.

The group is headed by an ex NSW Queens Counsel turned mediator who finds it difficult to hide his hatred for women and most times does not bother. The four questions have to be asked:

  1. If you're an ex QC, why do you keep touting it as a qualification now?
  2. Why did you leave the NSW bar only to become a mediator? (Seems like a demotion?)
  3. Why are you still providing legal advice to members of the group who choose to Self Represent in the Courts?
  4. How you you act as an impartial mediator in matters of family law, when you hate women so much?

Another question that is pertinent is why do you all choose to operate under multiple aliases? Is that a deliberate attempt to mislead the reader that there are more active members than there are in reality? And yes Dad4life/Matrix I mean you too. Coincidentally are you aware that the The Matrix Guild is a Victorian support group for lesbian women aged over 40? Then again you probably already did know that didn't you?

And Wayne you haven't escaped notice and it is blatantly obvious which aliases you are on there for all of your patronising ill informed comments.

Jon Pearson? What can one's all their for you to read including the fact that he faked a year of illness to avoid paying child support for his own children. read the case report, it's all on there.

Then there is the guy from WA actively avoids his $50 a week in child Support and openly posts on there how he salary sacrifices just to avoid paying more.

Familylawwebguide = CESSPIT!!

You have been warned!