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Craig A Smith - Neb-Maat-Re

A special message to Craig Smith from Dads On The Air who uses the name Neb-Maat-Re and who likes to bag his ex wife constantly when he's not stalking her and whine constantly about child support. We know you work at Department of Natural Resources in Melbourne and we hope your ex wife Googles your name to find out all the mean things you've been saying about her. Oh and Craig if you Google your IP address it shows what websites you've been visiting.

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Just bumping this up as it seems to have been of help to people.

Interesting to note, my ex has taken her site down recently.

Perhaps she has been found by someone she didn't want finding her. Or perhaps it's just time to change partner again. She's overdue for that one.

"Yes, if you don't want to be found, just don't put yourself on the internet in any format.

She may have taken her Facebook page down, but she is now on Twitter - which seems appropriate.

Is Pink really interested in invitations from a 43 year old nobody from rural Victoria?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

One Million Bullies

"MICHAEL GREEN QC:" We'd lose again, a whole generation of separated children, in terms of their really healthy relationships with not only their fathers but their mothers too, and I know that separated groups, fathers' groups in particular, shared parenting groups can conjure up over a million votes and that's something that I think the Government will take into account."

We say: Really?
When will the Shared Parenting Council of Australia and Michael Green ex husband, ex president ex everything, in particular realise that bullying by men and threats by fathers just will not work anymore? You might have been able to threaten the previous flaccid penis government but it isn't going to work anymore! You might have been able to bully your ex wives when you were married and push your kids around but no more.
The women and children of Australia are tired of your bullying. The people of Australia are tired of your bullying and the Government of Australia in particular is tired of your bullying.
The women and children and good men of Australia will gladly make up your numbers in votes for the Government and relegate you losers to the streets like you deserve. You've lost your funding, lost your suck up political allies and you are now the lepers of society. Change or be left behind. You give all good fathers a bad name.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Barry Williams Resigns from LFAA

Lone fathers do it tough -->

George Donnelly, President of the Cairns Lone Fathers Association knows first hand, the hardships men endure when going through separation.

It’s a truism to say there are no winners in a divorce.
Men in particular are often hit hard, dealing with loss, separation and courts which many men say rules in the favour of women.
Some men, faced with these challenges, give up the fight.
George Donnelly, President of the Cairns branch of the Lone Fathers Association has experienced divorce first hand and now offers help and support to other men facing similar circumstances.
“I got involved in the Lone Father’s Associations in the 90s.
I had a wife and a house and kids and I grew up in the old fashioned way.
I came first and then my wife came along and the kids came along and I was responsible and I worked hard and I did that for 25 years.”
When George’s wife met someone else, she also took out a twelve - month domestic violence order against him, which stated, “she feared he may at some time become violent.”
“I was the second person in Australia to get one of these, they’d just introduced them.
I was kicked out of my house of 28 days and told never to go back there again,” he said.
“I started protesting because I felt the law was wrong.
You didn’t have to prove anything, you just had to say, ‘I fear.”
“I got involved because of the injustice of it, I had no say, and I virtually didn’t exist.
I didn’t like that you could be taken out of your house on a word and have no rights, no rights.” “I stood for three days in the rain protesting, in Canberra.
Barry Williams, Ex-President of the Lone Father’s Association came along and said, ‘why don’t you spend your energies helping us?’ and that’s how I got involved.”
Remarried and living in Cairns, George runs the Cairns branch and says there’s about 20 blokes involved at the moment. “People come and go as they get their problems solved.
We don’t have regular meetings, it’s more informal support.” George says there are many who need help and he’s glad he’s been able to make some difference.
“The thing I’ve been able to do is grow my life back again, but also help a lot of people. No matter how angry you are, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.”
He said The Lone Father’s Association encourages parents to seek support and sustain their children within a happy positive family environment.
Their website can be accessed at Father’s needing support can contact George on 0438 465 883.

Georgie Girl Comments on Barry Williams

Georgie Girl left these comments but we felt they deserved to be on the front page. Thanks Georgie Girl for further exposing the senile old man known as Barry Williams.

georgie.girl76 said...
Barry Williams is a damn idiot. He is protecting violent, moronic men that have convinced themselves that they have done nothing wrong by bashing the hell out of a woman. How tough of them! And to pretend to care about the children involved, when all these recently separated men do is rob their children and ex-wife or partner blind by spending all the money and lying to child support about how much they earn, so they can spend it all on themselves and more than likely, their new piece of ass that they are in bed with!!! What a total moron.

August 14, 2009 7:37 AM
georgie.girl76 said...
boo hoo Barry. Just because you were one of the only men to have a supposedly (which I totally doubt) 'real' case in which you were the victim...grow balls you woman hating spastic.

August 14, 2009 7:39 AM
georgie.girl76 said...
What a hypocrit you are. Your child, Amanda Williams had an affair with my husband for 3 years, and is still in bed with him (hope they burn in hell). I was married to him for 13 years and have 4 children to him. He bashed the hell out of me for 16 years. You have bred a woman that is following in your disgusting hyptocritical footsteps.You deserve the very very worst in life. Rot in hell the lot of you.

August 14, 2009 7:48 AM
georgie.girl76 said...
Oh my GOD Barry, are you a total idiot????Here is a little bit on info that leaves me speachless:"Back in session, Barry Williams, the president and founder of the Lone Fathers Association, prosecutes some of the familiar themes of the men's rights movement in a mild tone sometimes at odds with the strength of his rhetoric. "Both men and women are, in fact, equally likely to be perpetrators of violence in relationships, although women are somewhat more likely to be seriously injured," he declares.Shit man, are you living on a different planet? You must be doing some serious drugs or something. Maybe you got dropped on your head at birth. Grow up and get an adult view on the world little boy. Just because you are old, does certainly not make you wise. You are a PERFECT example.

August 14, 2009 8:04 AM
georgie.girl76 said...
The more I read of your completely useless, unfounded satements, the more I belive you have a very limp grip on reality. You think that the patriarch has transformed into a matriarch?? Oh dear. You should get a little more informed and get into a little more reality. And look in your own backyard.
August 14, 2009 8:10 AM

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Michael Green practising law without a certificate!!!

Outcome of my final hearing
shared care, significant and substantial care, false allegations

Platinium Member

It's been over a month since my final hearing, so now may be a good time to do a short write up.BackgroundAs a background, I have one child, a 6.5 year old boy, and I had never married nor been domecile with the mother. However I spent substantial time with the mother at her residence, and I have been significantly and meaningfully involved in every aspect of my child's life in an unbroken manner since the beginning.After separation and upon initiation of proceedings, I sought 5 days out of 14 and continued with this stance through-out. The reason for this, as I explained to the Court, was the distance issue (I live 40 mins from child's school), and secondly, I was of the belief that the mother would not cope with 50:50, and I felt that this would ultimately harm the child.Contrasting ApproachesBefore I go on, I should mention the contrasting approaches to the proceedings between the mother and myself, which I believe had a very real impact on the final outcome.My efforts were very much non-personal and non-emotional, at least on the face of it, and I was in full recognition that the mother, despite her personal flaws, was a very devoted and loving mother. The mother for her part focussed exclusively on vilifying me. Her affidavit was hate-instilled, and her allegations were of the most sinister type.Interestingly, we both had support people/groups. I was lucky enough to have had the support of key people from this site, which I will elaborate on further down. The mother, as I had become aware, was supported by an anti-domestic violence group and a barrister who volunteered her services on a pro-bono basis, at the request of that group.Just by referring to an "anti-domestic violence group", I expect those who are reading this will feel, even in a sub-conscious way, that where there is smoke there must be fire. I know that this is what I would be thinking was I reading this for the first time. Surely if such a group got involved, something violent or at least somewhat threatening must have happened, right? WRONG!I don't know whether my situation is the norm or not, but we separated very amicably, there was never any violence nor any threat of violence, and there never will be. There were no police, no AVO's, no scratches, no questionable injuries, no threatening letters or emails or texts, NOTHING! And yet .......During proceedings, I remember thinking how much the mother had been betrayed by this group that purported to support her, yet was simply exploiting a vulnerable but complicit woman to promote their own self-fulfilling agenda. I still to this day believe that if the mother was properly encouraged to co-operate from the outset, we would not have ended up in Court, and the damaging events that occured in the midst of Court (including to our child) would not be part of our baggage today.But it is not only this anti-domestic violence group that had encouraged the mother into a ferver of anti-father/anti-shared care hysteria. I was in fact left mortified at the "buy-in" of so many family law support insitutions to this notion that I, as a separated father, must unquestionably be a vilain. This included an FRC- Family Advisor who convinced the mother not to negotiate any shared care with me (because its bad for kids), and amongst others, the independant children's lawyer, who stated that she would never agree to the child having any overnight time with me because "its just not healthy for a 6 y/o child to be away from his mother", and because "it would reduce the mother's child support." I would also add that the mother included anti-shared care articles from Adele Horin (Sydney Morning Herald) in her affidavit, which I am sure the mother saw as validation of her stance, and simply emboldened her to continue to resist any form of shared care arrangement with me.The HearingWell, my hope was not to go to final hearing, but whatever hapenned I thought it best that I get Consent Orders.Given the question-mark over the longevity of the current shared care laws, I knew that Orders by Consent were my best bet at maintaining an arrangement after any potential changes to the law. Although I am fully aware that 'significant change' would still be likely to be required to undo existing Orders, I was looking at the strongest outcome for the future under any circumstances, and that I thought would be it.Before we reached the point where our final hearing was imminent, I made an offer to the mother in the hope of avoiding Court, but this was not to be. No movement from her at all.So we went to Court. When I sat in the witness box at the beginning of the hearing, I remember saying the oath, and the Federal Magistrate looked at me squarely in my eyes in a fixed gaze. I felt strangely comfortable in this environment, and at the FM's gaze. I can't be certain why, but I knew that I had nothing to hide, I was making no bizarre allegations, I was not trying to shut anyone out of the child's life, I simply wanted my boy to have a real relationship with his daddy, as was the case before. I felt that this is what the new laws promoted, and this is really what helped me through this, a belief that the Court now, unlike the other support institutions, was guided by a good set of laws, not a gender based ideology.Anyway, the immediate direction the hearing took was a surprise to me, to the extent that it was so overwhelming. Not only was it quickly clear that I would get 5 days out of 14, but the Federal Magistrate agitated for me to accept 50:50. This was based on him seeing no credible reason why I should not, given the abundance of evidence of my very involved and close relationship with the child. I suspect my accomodating and supporting attitude towards the mother, as well as a distinct lack of any evidence of abuse whatsoever, also made an impact.The mother's barrister's line of questioining however, in line with the mother's affidavit, was ill-conceived, spiteful and quite surprising in its lack of legal emphasis. It reflected very poorly on both the barrister herself and the mother.After repeated warnings to the mother's barrister, the Federal Magistrate finally halted proceedings and said to the mother's barrister words to the effect, "I take it that your ongoing line of questioning is at the instigation of the mother. As such, as a matter of procedural fairness I am warning you that I will now be seriously considering the giving of primary care of the child to the father, despite it not being requested."The FM's very strongly worded comment about sole care was enough to finally encourage the mother to agree to Consent Orders.Looking backLooking back on this journey now, I can see that it was probably my restraint more than anything else that won me the confidence of the Federal Magistrate. I was accused of the most serious crime a father can be accused of, and at times I felt at risk of over-reacting, either by retorting with allegations too, or in somehow giving up or otherwise harming myself.But these laws, the laws so zeoulously condemned by many in the media, helped me focus on what I had in common with the mother of my child, not the differences. It helped me focus on our child, not our feelings. It helped me focus on being constructive, not of character assasination. It helped me put aside those allegations, serious as they were, and move on for the child's benefit.Were it not for the shared care laws, I have no doubt that despite my history of being meaningfully involved in every aspect of my child's life, that my little boy would today be deprived of having a father. These laws created an environment where co-operation was possible, I simply took advantage of it.I finish this of by saying that I have no ill-feelings towards the mother. In fact, a few nights ago we both spent more than 4 hours in the casualty section of hospital, waiting for our son to be seen for an ear-ache. We were both there, we both held our child as he fell asleep, and we both chatted together like old friends. This outcome is good for our son, it is good for me, and despite the remarkable resistance displayed by the mother, it is good for her too.On a final note and as possible assistance to others, I was an SRL up until the final weeks prior to my final hearing. At this point I entered into a minimal brief arrangement with a lawyer and barrister. This was because no barrister would agree to direct brief. This may be a very cost-effective model for other SRLs to follow, should the expertise of a barrister be needed come final hearing.In closing, I would like to thank a number of very special people from this site, who selflessly gave for the ultimate benefit of my child.Verdad, you always kept my focus on my child, not my feelings. Your mantra was clear, and you left a real impression on my proceedings. Thanks for your wisom and your help with the written word. Agog, you were there from the start. I have called you many times in a panic asking you questions on points of law. Thank you for your consistently steady hand in these matters. Mr Secretary, you will probably never get the recognition you really deserve, but I appreciate the efforts you made for me, all beyond the call of duty I may add. Monaro, your case alone has been powerful inspiration for me, especially after my Interim Hearing. Thanks for giving when I called for help. Many thanks as well to Monteverdi, OneDadC, 4MyDaughter, MikeT, Artemis and to the many others who I have relied upon.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Singlemum mistakes FamilyLawwebguide as actually meaning "Family"

Singlemum an apparently new user on Familylawebguide joined and participated in the forums only to be blasted by the dumbest of the dumb, Mike Taylor, Peter Saxon akak Conan and the stalwart a**hole Michael Green aka Agog/Sisyphus.

MikeT was the first flunky sent in to attack her point of view which was against deadbeat dads and fathers and grandparents whose only involvement in a childs life was abusive. MikeT posted his usual cut and paste from the CSA website and spouted off his usual pompous gibberish. Trouble is Mike we've read your blog and Tricia's comments about your son so we don't understand your high horse attitude. Maybe a move back to England might be in order because we don't like whinging Poms here.
(Google Trish's name if you want to find her blogs.)

Didn't the Familylawwebguide obtain their funding by claiming to be a "Family" resource and the websites own front page says it is for all parents. Why was Singlemum attacked and threatened with a banning because her views don't conform to your misogynistic ones? You just proved the site is only man friendly and proved that you obtained your Government funding by deception and fraud. The current investigation will force you to pay it back to the Commonwealth.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lindsay Jackel aka Tom Knoll

It seems Knoll is a family name:

Lindsay Jackel
View profile
More options Feb 14 1996, 6:00 pm
Newsgroups: soc.genealogy.german
From: (Lindsay Jackel)
Date: 1996/02/14
Subject: Surname: JACKEL / JAEKEL / JAECKEL etc.
Reply to author Forward Print Individual message Show original Report this message Find messages by this author
I am seeking to find out as much as I can about my German ancestors who came to Australia (state of South Australia - Barossa Valley) in the 1840s and then moved over to Melbourne in the state of Victoria, Australia.
Do you know anything of the origin of the name or its meaning?
It originally had an umlaut above the "a".
Do you know why they would have left Germany ('ost prussen'?) at that time?
Carl Erdmann Jackel arrived in South Australia with his wife Johanna (nee BLEICHER) and children Hermann and Auguste.
Thank you, Lindsay Jackel>
PS I am also interested in the name KNOLL from Wurtenburg (?). ,-._\ Lindsay Jackel / Oz \> \_,--.x/ Locked Bag 5661 Melbourne Vic Australia 8100

Saturday, August 1, 2009

MikeT is the new Mental Health Expert.

We wonder what you would diagnose your wife as suffering from?

Proof of Lindsay Jackel's involvement with Black Shirts

Here is a proven link from the Black Shirts to the Shared Parenting Council of Australia.
Lindsay Jackel is Victorian president of the Shared Parenting Council of Australia.
We believe that Lindsay Jackel was involved with the Black Shirts a militant and fanatical group terrorising women in Victoria. Here is proof that he had some involvement with them. Manumit is an alias of Lindsay Jackel's.

And what does "Martyr to the cause" mean exactly???

-----Original Message-----
From: Manumit Exchange [mailto:manumit@...]
Sent: 26 July 2002 17:41
To: Manumit Exchange
Cc: jeffface@...; fried@...
Subject: (AUS) Blackshirts

"Some of you may have already heard a little about this group. Below is a
composite of various articles about the Blackshirt group in Melbourne,
Victoria, Australia, fwd fyi by way of background.

Additionally, several associated articles follow, and are in turn followed
by various commentary.

The group is organised and in your face. They are Dads who have lost
everything, have received no justice or fairness at the hand of a feminist
(family and magistrates) court and legal (government) system (when they
were taught in school that they would if innocent), have nothing to lose
and are frustrated and angry. Their hopelessness has turned to despair and
to depression. The Blackshirts offers them community and hope.

John Abbott, their leader, is known to me. He is both angry and committed.
He will not be deterred and, if necessary, will no doubt be prepared to be
a "martyr" to the cause.


Victoria is a southern state of Australia.
Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria."