Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We thought you were the SHARED PARENTING COUNCIL?

Here Wayne Butler and Lindsay Jackel of the Shared Parenting Council of Australia comment on a recent court case that gave custody to a man that wasn't even a childs natural parent and denied the mother.

Oh Wayne and Lindsay why aren't you outraged? This is not Shared Parenting? Why aren't you jumping up and down and screaming from the rooftops about the injustice? The guy wasn't even the childs NATURAL FATHER and as per all the garbage you spout, you publish yourself that the child is MOST AT RISK from a male who is not the child's NATURAL OR BIOLOGICAL FATHER. And yet you say nothing? Surely you are concerned about this injustice?

Or could it be because it's man?

Yeah we thought so.

Shared Parenting my ass.

Soccerdad your typical Fathers Rights Bully

Soccerdad had this to say on familylawwebguide hoping for some advice from other bullying fathers looking to enforce what they want on their children:

Posted 25 May, 2009, 06:03 PM
General Member
In short my matter was adjourned for three weeks in the FMC as the respondent mother didn't submit her response and the FM thought I was wasting his time (IMHO). In short,the child lived with me for nine months to January. The child turns fifteen in June. The child didn't return form Xmas holidays as planned and contact since has been non existent. The mother has refused to enter into mediation (even though she started the process). I'm not sure how the next Mention will go. I felt I wasn't really given any opportunity to speak, however, I did know that I couldn't give evidence from the bar table. The FM wants to hear from the child but I don't know how or whenthat will happen or whether I'll get a copy of what the child has written. I'm questioning myself whether I wrote enough in the affidavit, bagged out the respondent too much in the affidavit or whether I should have referred to the FLA within the affidavit to state my position.In all honesty, I dont think the FM really read my material.I've got three weeks to prepare (again). As the child will be 15, I know I'm on a hiding to nothing. However, I think it's in the best interest of the child that a male role model should guide him through adolescent life, even if it only is part time. Any tipsfor the next Mention would be appreciated.Kind regards,Soccerdad

Then he added this a couple of days later:

General Member
The point being that the other parent encourages and facilitates contact, which is not happening and I know the reason why (it's all about the cash). That aside, Section 60CC is not being adhered to by the other parent and that's what I'm holding my argument on...Best interest of the child and facilitate contact with the other parent. If the FM goes for this, at least I have a bit of a moral victory whether the child co-operates or not. I'm not a Disney dad, far from it. There are rules in my house, no rules in hers. When he lived with me, he obeyed. If I was to pick a charater to decsribe me as a dad, it would be the Hulk..."Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry." I'm a marshmallow otherwise.

Yeah that's right Soccerdad take your ex to court and involve your child in the stressful process to prove a point because as you is all about the money isn't it?
And you wonder why your kid hates you Soccerdad!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stalker Jailed For making Death Threats,27574,25511228-421,00.html

Just for Dads On The Air and Ross Mitchell, Keith Mitchell, Geoff Bertram and Danny Bell who made either directly made death threats or were a party to making death threats against the authors of this blog on the internet website of Dads On The Air to alert them that what they did was a jailable offence.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Even Fathers4Equality admit Shared Parenting doesn't Work.

Simon Styles from Fathers4Equality had this to say in regard to speaking to a servant of the court. This is in relation to 50/50 Shared parenting and as you see it is a failure and doesn't work:

"What concerns me is that our child rep who is actually quite good told me last week that there is a significant increase in cases coming back to court as the shared appears to be falling apart in many cases. He viewed therefore that shared was not successful."

Saturday, May 16, 2009

i no ross mitchell and he a nice person.

Second Wife (aka Annette Bertram, Geoff Bertram's wife (Aussie_Firestorm off dads On The Air, Ausfire from other forums, unemployed guy from Raymond Terrace) posted in the comments...
"I am sick of this crap.. i no ross mitchell and he a nice person. why are you doing this are u board. why do u keep on down grading males and second wifes.. i am a second wife and i am a step mother we take lot of shit from the first wife and our children all ways come second best with the csa. i have a good realaship with my step daughters.. so whats you promblem"
May 16, 2009 6:39 PM

Ummm Second Best Wife, our "promblem" is a little matter of a DEATH THREAT!

For a photo click here:

A search of friends will reveal other Bertrams including the step daughters and ex wife that gives her all the so called 'shit" in relation to child support.

Anyone wanting their own full sized version of the photo, just email us and we're happy to provide.

It seems we're not the only people with an interest, we found this site with a lot of the photos of the people involved in making and supporting death threats.

And another:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Some of the Funding Mens Rights Groups have recently received in Australia

Wow so much interest in this post lately. It's a pity most of you didn't do as instructed and paste the link into your browser instead of clicking on the link, now we know who you are and where you came from. Ta!

Dads in Distress Inc Local Answers - NSW 15/08/2007 31/10/2009 $231,858 N

Dads in Distress Inc Local Answers - NSW 15/09/2007 31/10/2009 $302,016 N

Dads in Distress Inc Local Answers - NSW 29/07/2004 1/08/2007 $330,000 N

Dads in Distress Inc Local Answers - VIC 22/08/2007 1/08/2009 $266,728 N

Shared Parenting Council of Australia Incorporated Child Support Scheme Reforms
Communications - Key AdvocacyGroups Program 21/03/2007 30/06/2008 $238,370 N

Lone Fathers Association of Australia Inc Child Support Scheme Reforms Communications - Key Advocacy Groups Program 1/09/2006 30/06/2008 $132,000 N

Lone Fathers Association of Australia Inc Child Support Scheme Reforms Communications - Key Advocacy Groups Program 1/07/2006 30/06/2008 $265,100 N

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SPCA condone Traumatising child by Jailing mother

Lindsay Jackel thinks it's ok to traumatise a child by jailing the mother (not that we condone what the mother did ) to teach other parents a lesson?
This is child abuse committed in public!!!

How about we jail parents for failing to pay child support like they do in the US?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Michael Green posts SRL applicants private information for all to read

BestIntersts JohnMcXXXXer
Posted Yesterday, 10:15 PM
Percolo Alio

Rank image
Rank image

Emails and then two mobile calls and I spoke with him for an hour this evening. Has a mention on Wednesday.

Had to go over very basic stuff for the hearing.

Melbourne FMC case. Is applying to join.

Any comments?

Hi I emailed you last night from the sit requesting any assistance you may be able to give. I have a court date in Maqgistrates Court on this�Wenesday. I have attached my affadavit and intiating application to this email for you to have a look at. I am representing myself. The thing I wanted to know was if on the day both parties agree to most things in the interim orders can we put those into interim consent orders and then can I have the judge just rule on the items in dispute. I have requested a family consultant do a report and also that a lawyer be appointed to represent the childs best interests. As I have put forward interim and final orders and the main thrust of it is that in the interim the childs contact with me be reinstatedthat has been happening fotr the last 10 months. And the the expert�do a family report for the final hearing.�Thanks and I realise you may not be able to help this time as such short notice but I will continue to correspond with you as case goes on. I think this will be a great resource for me. My member name is " bestinterests" on the website.
Thanks again

Hi ,
I only just found your site and it seems a awesome and just what I was looking for. I wanted to enquire if you can have a look at my Iniating Application and Affidavit . I filed them on 30th of April and have my first court date on 8th of May in the Federal Magistrates Court. I know its last minute but any help now and through out the case would be much help. I spent a total of 6 days straight typing and researching the law to come up with what I did and realise it could have been done better.

But none the less I have been as through and honest as I can.If you can have a look before then and give me any feedback that would be great.

I also wanted to know I have applied for interim orders and final orders. On the court date if both parties agee on the majority of the interim orders can we ask for them to be made into consent orders and ask the Judge to rule on the items in dispute. The items im sure the other party will not agree on are 1. Asking that the childs best interests be represented by a lawyer and that a family consultant be instructed to prepare a family report. These two things I feel are important for gathering evidence and the childs best interests being represented at the final hearing.

I have read all relevant rules and guidelines for the site and like the idea of being able to assist others where I can as I do a lot of volunteer work already.I will send the affidavit and application to my personal space as recommended. Understand it may be too late this time but hope you can help with further appearances as I will be a self represented litigant throughout the the entire process,


(He actually sent the emails back to front - he misspelled an email address)


» Download: Best Interests Application 040509.rtf (576 Kb, 2 downloads so far)


» Download: Best Interests Affidavit 040509.doc (126 Kb, 1 downloads so far)

Senior Executive Member of SRL-Resources
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Quote post (24335),

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Death Threats Made by Dads On The Air, Ross Mitchell, Newcastle

Ross Mitchell of behalf of DADS ON THE AIR made the following public threat to the authors of this blog:

"Oh yeah, one last point, they made it personal, not me, and if I ever find out who they are they are dead..... Thats a threat ETT.... better do something about it
Very Happy no wonder they remain anonymous....... f**kin yellow coward"

Your threats have been passed on to the appropriate authorities and no doubt will have some bearing on your future. Threats of violence will not be tolerated and really only confirm what everyone thinks about men, that you need to resort to violence when you get frustrated and don't have control.

We hope Dads On The Air lose what little credibility they have based upon your behaviour.

And Ross sending people to a cached version of the site doesn't matter moron, they still show up here.

For the record, we don't hate men at all, we love them. We just don't like angry, child support avoiding, woman hating, child using men that never quite got over losing the control of their family when their wife left them. Oh and we really hate violent men, don't you read the news. The government has woken up to your ways and you are about to be taken down. Your attitude to women (along with your hairstyle) is outdated. Men who seek the patriarchal way are in the minority and not only that are despised by the majority of the community. It is about time you woke up to that, but then again you still haven't realised that your hair is "creepy" and so "bogan"so maybe you are an old dog who cannot learn.
What are you fighting for anyway?
  1. To not pay child support for your children
  2. To be able to control your woman by the use of violence or abuse.
  3. To be able to control your children by way of violence or abuse.
  4. To keep all of the assets of a marriage.
No wonder you are not liked in the community. The government has recognised this in their withdrawal of funding and the anticipated repealing of parts of the Family Law Act.

We especially do not like new wives that frequent Mens rights sites bagging their step children. So far we have found some really evil step mothers on your site like Leeahn. (We also saw where foster children were removed abruptly from her care due to allegations of sexual abuse.) It sort of goes against what you are all trying to achieve don't you think? And using these women as "evidence" that your organisation supports women too just doesn't cut it. These women just want the children in some jealousy fuelled rage against the ex wife. The rantings of Leeahn have been well documented and you talk about the best interests of the children, do you honestly think that placing children in the care of a woman who is telling her husband she wants the child, then posting a forum how she wants to hurt that child and doesn't want that child to live there is in that child's best interests? Forum upon forum is dedicated to hatred against the stepchildren including DADS ON THE AIR as well as ways to minimise Child Support..

Hey Ding Dong/Danytink/Danny Bell good to see you're back lurking again. Weren't you court ordered to stay away?

Edited to add this excerpt from Ross Mitchell of Dads On The Air:

Leaking Drain wrote:
grapevine has ETT as the work of one KXXXX CXXXX down in Tassie, a student of XXXX, using their resources to deliver this campaign of hate. Word has it her misandrist ways were exposed on FLWG. The untold truth is now told so ETT can go by choice or otherwise.

Apparently her email is

Mitchell wrote:
hmm I could do with a holiday..... I realy dont want to know who it is because unless I know, my death threat is baseless and no grounds for any individual to take out an AVO... and besides its only a bit of paper, wont stop me ridiculing you ETT, the gloves are off fucker.....

Now you think you know who we are Ross and therefore you have made a death threat against a real live person. This is not a game. You want to make death threats, stand up and be a man and take responsibility for your actions instead of hiding behind your daughters and your mother, coward.

Here are the lies Barry Williams told....

Mr Williams, president of the Lone Father's Association, said he did not write or provide any material contained in the paper.

"I was not an author of that story," he told AAP.

"I have no discrimination against gay people - I have a lot of gay friends and I worship their friendship.

"If I'm still an ambassador, I'll work with dark people, foreign people, gay people and everyone, that's my motto," he said.

"Mr Williams yesterday told The Australian that he did not pen any of the offending comments and denied any bias on his part against gays or women.

Some of my best friends are gay people,” he said.

Mr Williams said he was wild about the accusations levelled against him and would take legal action to prevent damage to his reputation if need be. “If I’m still an ambassador, I’ll work with dark people, foreign people, gay people and everyone, that’s my motto,” he said."

Yesterday, Roxon referred to the statements in 'Gender Matters' as “extremely offensive” and “abhorrent”.

“I immediately sought an explanation yesterday from Mr Warwick Marsh and Mr Barry Williams about comments attributed to them,” Roxon said in a statement issued to MCV.

“Mr Marsh has not repudiated his offensive comments. This makes his position as an Ambassador untenable and I have made a decision to dismiss him from this role.

“While Mr Williams has acknowledged that he put his name to the document with 33 others, he has publicly and unequivocally disowned the views set out in the document.

He has assured me of this directly, and has expressly stated this publicly. I accept his explanation.”

Mr. Williams, however, repudiated the document, which Roxon, according to Australia’s ABC News, called "quite abhorrent." "Look, it is very strong stuff,” Roxon said, “but I think that this is a document that was authored by 34 people. I think that Mr Williams' sins are not having read and taken care what he put his name to," she said. "He has publicly and expressly disassociated himself from any of these comments and I am prepared to accept that explanation."

"Mr Williams told The Age that he often did work for the Fatherhood Foundation but would "have to re-read the paper" before he could endorse its contents again.

Mr Williams said that while he did not support gay marriage, he did not discriminate against gay people.

"I have nothing against gays ... I admire a lot of really good gay people and have some gay friends," Mr Williams said.

"Last year my brother died of cancer and there was a lovely gay couple that looked after him. I'm an indigenous person so I don't discriminate against anyone.''

Mens Rights Group about to go down!!! S.P.C.A. Admit they are in Deteriorating Situation

This email was a cry for help sent out by Wayne Butler to a very interesting group of people looking for something to say in response to proposed changes to the Family Law Act and in particular the issue of Domestic violence to women and children. The obvious question needs to be asked. Why if they are concerned about violence and cry louder than anyone how just as many women as men are victims, do they want to issue a Press Release about the issue?. If they genuinely cared about the children surely they would be marching in the streets about Domestic Violence too? Surely if as they say, as many men as women were affected by Domestic Violence, they would be demanding the government provide more money and services? But they're not are they? Maybe they're not telling the truth?
Some very interesting people were sent this email as well and gives the reader insight into who is really not supportive of programs to protect women and children including some government representatives. The SunHerald is also on the list and it was they who printed Simon Hunt's bogus story about his daughter.

---- Forwarded Message ----
From: Simon
To: Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
Cc:; Lone Fathers Association Australia ; Fatherhood Foundation ;; Senator Steve Fielding >; "" ; James Johnson ; John Hirst ; John Stapleton ; James Adams ; Matt Norman ; "Bawden, Matilda" >; "" ; Richard Hillman Foundation Inc ; Traks ; Yuri Joakimidis ; norsaint publishing ; "Nowell, Laurie" >; Phil Noonan ; ian kay
Sent: Sunday, 3 May, 2009 12:34:17 PM
Subject: [fathers4equality] Re: Press release

Good to see this initiative in response to what is clearly a crisis for children and their fathers in this country.
Shared parenting after separation / divorce is being attacked on the basis that its unsafe for women and children.
These people - the industry - are making a national call for children to be denied there fathers if they are being accused of "Family Violence" (in all its forms) regardless of whether or not it can even be proved. I thought everybody knew that allegations of DV were standard procedure in the great majority of Custody hearing before the Family Court. The lawyers have been telling us this for years.
I've been saying for some time that we need public forums - public meetings that give the media access to the truth of whats going on. Looks like we've been beaten to the line, by organisations that can so easily engineer publicity and media support.
However, our advantage is truth - very powerful but it needs to be exposed. We need public meetings with speakers URGENTLY
The media needs access to the truth of whats going on - at present they have next to no access to the truth, mainly because they rely on the press releases they get from vested interest (including "experts) in the industry and are no longer paid to do 'investigative journalism'.
Simon Hunt
2009/5/3 Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia <secretariat@ au>

The SPCA is planning a series of press release about the deteriorating position we find ourselves in with respect to Domestic Violence and any watering down of the current FLAct.

Have you a statement or have any of your groups statements we can quote in relation to the following news items

http://www.familyla wwebguide. pg/news/view/ 636/index. php&filter=

In the published guide there is no mention of how they court is to deal with unproven allegations or in other words “false allegations”

http://www.familyla wwebguide. pg/news/view/ 635/index. php&filter=1


http://www.familyla wwebguide. pg/news/view/ 631/index. php&filter=1


The Chief Justice comments today

Friday, May 1, 2009

Didn't Barry Williams deny hating homosexuals???

This Media Release was from an archived copy of The Fatherhood Coalition a group set up by Warwick Marsh and Barry Williams (and included Ozydads Lionel Richards, DIDS and the Shared Parenting Council) in 2004. This needs to be sent to Nicola Roxon so she can read the truth about what Barry Williams really feels about homosexuals.




The revelation of the true extent of child pornography has shocked all Australians. The fact that community leaders such as teachers, school principals, ministers, policemen, childcare workers, doctors and solicitors have been purveyors and purchasers of such material is almost beyond belief.

The National Fatherhood Coalition calls upon Mr Howard and Mr Latham to bring in mandatory filtering of internet pornography. It also sees a desperate need to further protect our children by legislating against X-rated videos, already available in the ACT and Northern Territory.

It seems that Australia is fast following in the footsteps of the decadent Roman Empire. Philo of Alexandria (approx 20BC – 40AD) recorded the spread of paedophilia in the Roman Empire during the time he lived; ‘Moreover, another evil, much greater than that which I have already mentioned, has made its way among us and been let loose upon cities, namely, the love of boys, which formerly was accounted a great infamy even to be spoken about’.

Analysis of a report on child sexual assaults in NSW showed that the rate of sexual assaults by male heterosexual paedophiles in NSW on female children is horrific. But it also showed that the rate of sexual assaults by male homosexuals and male bi-sexuals on young boys was about 15 times worse!

Warwick Marsh from the National Fatherhood Coalition said today, “We, as men. Must accept that we have been part of the problem because we have refused to make a stand against pornography. The time has now come to say, ‘no more’. Our society and media has been obsessed with sex. Sex is a wonderful thing with the intended moral boundaries heterosexual marriage . If we don’t make a stand our society will sink further into the moral quicksand and paedophilia will become accepted. The role of paedophilia in the decline and fall of the Roman Empire is a warning to our society that our children will become the victims of a much greater evil.

Barry Williams from the Lone Fathers Association said that exposing our children to high risk groups through homosexual adoption was not the way to go because our children need our protection. It is a plain fact that children need a mother and a father, not two daddies or two mummies. Study after study has shown that the safest place for our children is with their biological mother and father. How much longer must our children wait?

Media Contact details for National Fatherhood Coalition

Warwick Marsh: 0418 225212 02 4272 6677 Berkeley, NSW

Barry Williams: 0417 668 802 02 6258 4216 Canberra, ACT

Postal & Web: National Fatherhood Coalition, 217 Nolan St, Berkeley NSW 2506