Tuesday, December 7, 2010







First FAHSCIA then LFAA???

Now this is interesting!

First we have Fahscia spending a lot of time here reading the blog and in particular posts relating to funding, and then next thing, we have Lone Fathers Association cronies showing up and reading the same entries. Coincidence? We think not!
It seems Barry Williams has some friends in high places maybe?

We think this needs referring to an apropriate authority!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thank You Fahscia!

Thank you Fahscia for checking out our blog. Now the big question is are you going to do something about the fraud in providing funding for hate sites against women?? Are you??

Friday, November 26, 2010

$1.2 million buys a lot of hate against women..Tax Payer Funded Hate Sites

The old Shared Parenting Council of Australia have received nearly $100,000 in government grants this year. What for? To create a hate site against women and children!! Please make your complaints known to Fahscia if you have been treated badly or unfairly by the Shared Parenting Council on FamilyLawwebguide.com.au. As we all know there is nothing family about that disgusting site. We have written to to Fahscia requesting a copy under FOI of the following submissions and subsequent funding and intend to file complaints against each of the recipients.

Dads In Distress $198,000
Lone Fathers Association $165,000
Lone Fathers Association $66,240
Dads In Distress $701,663
Shared Parenting Council $99,000
Dads In Distress $5,000
Lone Fathers Association $1,433

Total $1,236,336 worth of discrimination against women!!!


It is illegal to discriminate in this country and these men are being paid by our government to do it? Stop this outrage and complain now!!!!

Here is the link to the complaints page:

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Geoff Bertram Moderator at Dads On The Air

Geoff Bertram big time contributor over on Dads On the Air (mainly due to his self imposed unemployment, since before 2004 even!) goes by Aussie Firestorm (although he has since changed this name) is married to Annette Bertram. This was a news article form earlier this year.

Newcastle Herald

Honeymoon over

Date: 28/04/2010
Words: 240
Source: NCH

Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: News
Page: 13
A RAYMOND Terrace woman who ripped off $100,000 from the Australian Tax Office used part of her share of the proceeds to pay for her wedding, Newcastle District Court heard yesterday.

Annette Bertram, 36, lodged 28 fraudulent business activity statements for two companies between 2001 and 2005, Judge Linda Ashford said.

Bertram, of Brown Street, received GST refunds totalling $105,000, but told the court that her share of the money was about $25,000.

Bertram pleaded guilty to five counts of obtaining a financial benefit by deception and was sentenced to two years' jail with a non-parole period of one year.

Judge Ashford said Bertram, who was receiving Centrelink benefits at the time, used the money to pay living expenses and for her wedding.

Bertram told the court that she was threatened by her father and brother, who forced her to prepare and sign the statements before lodging them with the tax office.

The statements contained fraudulent transactions such as buying cattle, cars and a machinery shed that did not exist, Judge Ashford said.

The tax office audited the two companies after Bertram rang the office to inquire about a refund in 2005.

Judge Ashford said that Bertram came from a dysfunctional family and wanted no further contact with her father and brother.

Bertram told the district court that she intended to pay the money back after she had served her jail sentence.

Cessnock City Council Mayor Alison Davey provided a character reference for Bertram and attended yesterday's hearing.


Here's a post made by Geoff Bertram on Dads On The Air at the time of the $25,000 wedding whining about how he doesn't have any money. The irony of guest poster Dad A commenting on theft is not lost, pity he's referring to Geoff's EX wife. lol