Friday, November 26, 2010

$1.2 million buys a lot of hate against women..Tax Payer Funded Hate Sites

The old Shared Parenting Council of Australia have received nearly $100,000 in government grants this year. What for? To create a hate site against women and children!! Please make your complaints known to Fahscia if you have been treated badly or unfairly by the Shared Parenting Council on As we all know there is nothing family about that disgusting site. We have written to to Fahscia requesting a copy under FOI of the following submissions and subsequent funding and intend to file complaints against each of the recipients.

Dads In Distress $198,000
Lone Fathers Association $165,000
Lone Fathers Association $66,240
Dads In Distress $701,663
Shared Parenting Council $99,000
Dads In Distress $5,000
Lone Fathers Association $1,433

Total $1,236,336 worth of discrimination against women!!!

It is illegal to discriminate in this country and these men are being paid by our government to do it? Stop this outrage and complain now!!!!

Here is the link to the complaints page:

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