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Here you have Ross Mitchell and Donga/Wackedman/dingdong the witch is dead/Danny spilling their stomach contents for all to see... and it's not pretty.
So Ross we hope that you have your question answered as to whether it is a client of Danny's that he is talking about, and of course you would be aware that that is a direct breach of the Code of Ethics for Registered mediators in WA?
You also do know that Donga is a cast off from FLAWG don't you? They used him as a pawn to do their dirty work and then cast him out because basically the guy is a moron with a big mouth and a porn addiction to boot and is currently under investigation?


No problem for the traffic Ross but you do know that it is not all friendly don't you? I saw recently where the Government has legislated against Hate Sites. Interesting.

Donga1/Danytink is still peddling his garbage all over the internet


Donga1/Danytink/wackedman/Danny is still peddling his contant whinging and whining all over the internet. We ask, when will he ever give up and why does he persist in exposing his clients private affairs on forums to get help with his profession?

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Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 6:12 pm Post subject: Here to lend a hand and learn stuff

Hey Fella's, First time here. Work in Family Law but cannot say online what capacity because of a certain man hating website trying to bring me down. I know my way around most of the issues anyway. Here to help and to learn if that's ok,

....as stated, I can't reveal my profession openly as I will be targeted, but I am abreast of the issues. if you want to PM me then I can be a bit more specific. I am well aware of many frustrations and hear my fair share of stories of dads copping it. The good news is that the issues are being raised and being agitated in the system but my concern is that a large swag of divorced/separated educated mums in this feild are in basic control of everything from Centrelink to the Law firms. There are even male lawyers caught up in this behaving like pro feminist male bashers - pretty sickening (but we all know they have a vested financial interest in spinning cases out). I just hope that recent changes being recommended can come through and we all need to stick together and step up to the plate when asked. ....nicki - a lady I assume? How do you see it?_________________

They have ten week waiting lists and at the same time they say they care. They don't refer on to other agencies because they have to show their books are full to get more funding - what is that saying about their motivations for being a viable counselling service? Our local RA has recently won the FRC contract - they now pass all referrals onto themselves - if that is not a conflict of interest I don't know what Is?

Correct me if I'm wrong but that sounds like the old system mate - sad. How long ago was it? That is a pretty scary story - it begs belief. I think I would have challenged it all the way and sent myself broke. I have a wife and kids so I cannot be labelled biased or having a conflict of interest when it comes to this stuff. I know from the inside how educated single mums pull all the right levers in family law. I've never heard such tripe as a father unable to see his kids because of a psychologists report that didn't even interview the client - that stinks and smells very much like a beat up - your lawyer ought to be barred from practicing.
There are no feminists when the lifeboats are lowered
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Then here he talks about his clients case:

Another useful link:

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monaro = Loser

This Gem from Monaro left us gobsmacked and so many things we could say. Where to start?


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"This is child support related, need to let off steam6 years ago my daughter came into my permanent care, i was ordered to seek child support for her.The X was the ordered to pay, she responded by having a one night stand that resulted in a child (currently 5 years of age) who has father unknown on its birth certificate.In result to this the X was released from her liability and has not worked since the birth of her childC$A has told me that the mother is not obliged to look for work until the child turns 7, even then she only needs to find 15 hours of paid work per week.I need to point out she was rewarded with the baby bonus also!It is that simple!Now X no 2 is following suet!I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience? "


SPCA prepares New Mediator List.

Wayne wrote:

Secretary SPCA
"I agree entirely with a number of posters here especially Dad4life and I would recommend you do not go away until issues of who is going to have what and when and where is everyone living have generally been sorted out at least for the short term (Interim period). The fact is if the house is in joint names then both parties have rights to be there. I would definitely be concerned with joint bank accounts, credit cards ( I had one member telling me the other party drew a 50k cash advance on their joint visa card and left for Indonesia), shares (If they are worth anything these days) and key personal securities such as Personal Computer data and close personal items. Also any company or business related guarantees need to be quickly dealt with if the separation is definitely final.I would also be concerned in arranging a contact plan early on as it is important that the child is not left wondering where the other parent has suddenly gone. The family car also as both parents will need vehicles for work and or other commitments. As an authoritative piece then this is not. The immediate time after separation is particularly complex as there are many influencing factors and taking time to calmly discuss matters would be appropriate. You may need some external mediator or person who can be present to help work through the many issues that need addressing. There are a number of these available and we should probably publish a list of the independant mediators and family facilitators. They do not need to be in a Family relationship center.
Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia

Wayne we've anticipated who you would put on the list of mediators and done all the hard work for you:

SPCA List of Highly Recommended Mediators we INSIST That You Use and Remember You Don't have to Use a Government Accredited or Endorsed One (in fact we recommend that you ONLY use the Mediators on this List)

Michael Green Sydney
Michael Green Sydney
Michael Green Sydney
Michael Green Sydney
Michael Green Sydney
Michael Green Sydney
Michael Green Sydney
Michael Green Sydney
Michael Green Sydney
Michael Green Sydney
Danny Bell WA

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Can we help you with something Danytink?

We see you there and we know it's hard for you to stay away, but is there anything in particular we can help you with?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

New User Anttanlis......

She came on to ask for help or advice on how to proceed as she had concerns about her 4 year old son. Her ex partner had made false allegations about sexual abuse to the child by the mothers partner and now she has concerns as to what the father has been doing to the child as the child refuses to see the father and is exhibiting other behaviours. Instead of support, what she will receive is questions and comments designed to undermine her position. If she was a man, she would be believed and could trade stories with Lindsay and Wayne and Ross about "false allegations". Instead she will be harassed and will be chased away. Have any of you ever stopped to ask, maybe she is right and a child is at risk? What if??

Friday, October 17, 2008

MATRIX hates women?


matrix the Misogynist spits about the new battery laws to be introduced into Qld:

"This defence is already in use (albeit not institutionalised in legislation), with little or no evidence or proof required, to considerable effect.Now a State is moving to institutionalise an escape clause for murderesses (it is not designed for men, even if the wording is gender neutral) - with no evidence or proof required.It is impossible for dead men to defend themselves against the lies and slander told about them by their murderesses, after they have been slain.It appears Anna Bligh believes, as in "Animal Farm", that some animals are more equal than others."

Matrix/Mr FYI/Dad4life/Tom Knoll /so on and so forth, you need to get over your bitterness. Where does it state anything about the law being applicable only to "murderesses"? In fact we can find no reference specific to a particular gender? Or are you referring to the fact that the ONLY cases that have succeeded in this defence have been women that have been repeatedly battered by the husbands?
WE know your wife left you but that was YEARS ago and isn't it time you moved on? Really?

Thursday, October 16, 2008


This was posted in the comments section of this blog and we decided to paste it onto the front page as a warning for those making false allegations and to alert the readers of this blog just what happens when the Mens Groups don't like something or someone, they resort to threats of violence!

kmc said...
Please take care.A person claiming to speak for FLWG has incorrectly identified me as the writer of this blog.That person has made both public and private threats against me and others, claiming to speak on behalf of FLWG.I have satisfied a court that I am not the writer of this blog and a restraining order has been issued against the person who made the threats.Any person making threats against me or publishing false accusations about me will be dealt with in the same way.I understand another Tasmanian has also taken action against that same person as a result of threats and false accusations.Please be very careful who you 'identify' as the author of this blog. Some people are prepared to take a reference to Tasmania as meaning you know something which you plainly don't and may not have intended but if those people act based on your error you may find yourself involved in legal action too.A misunderstanding arose because somebody published an identification based on no evidence at all and another person took it as fact without taking the trouble to check for himself.Please do not make the same mistake.Remember, a court has been satisfied that I do not write this blog. Please do not let rumour hold more weight than that. You may bring threats upon me and trouble upon yourself.I will do whatever it takes to protect my family.(Signed with initials because those who need to know will know what they stand for and those who don't need to know are better off not asking.)

This is our response:

October 16, 2008 6:56 PM
Expose The Truth said...
KMC thank you for the clarification and for speaking out. We are sorry that you have had to experience the unnecessary stresses of dealing with these deranged individuals. As we stated,it starts as a whisper in these mens groups and then turns into a roar. We've also been advised that certain indivuals believe we are either Michael Flood or associated with him because we have a link to his website on the front of this blog. They have chosen to ignore the fact that we also have a links to other websites including familylawwebguide.We have ignored the demands to identify ourselves only to avoid the threat to our own safety and to our familes and associates. Your situation clearly demonstrates that we are very wise indeed to take this action. Thank you for your concern and thank you for alerting us to the very real danger that is out there.
October 16, 2008 11:26 PM

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Blatant Lies from FamilyLawWebguide

They post to all new users and even instruct all new users MUST read this page before proceeding:
"If you are looking for information on family law the you've come to the right place. The Family Law WEB Guide is Australia's leading Family law WEB Portal, helping to empower separating couples, especially those with children. The portal provides a vast amount of information on Family Law and the legal process, Child support, Parenting Plans as well as many online Forums which provide an area where users can interact with questions, answers and discussions on a given topic. We are non-sexist, non-sectarian and non-political. "

And yet by the copious amount of submissions to Government enquiries and by Monti's post as follows, this a balatant lie!
"One Ring Rules also forgot to mention that as well as trying to get this site ready, we have to help people with their court cases, preparing their paper work, affidavits, case law, cross examinations etc We then have a political side, which One Ring was very recently involved in, as well as others. What you see on this site is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much going on in the background it makes me wonder if we are all in danger of hitting the wall! '

Hang on, we thought you were non political? Liars!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shared Parenting Council of Australia

Why do the Shared Parenting Council of Australia seek to deceive those they profess to represent? The use of fictitious identities, the outright lying to members and the deceit they display has to unnerve the people who know about it. Surely they would be suffering from a lack of credibility?

For those that like to keep tabs.....

Mr Cut and Paste, aka Lindsay Jackel /Dad4life/Matrix/Jackelair/Manumit/Nuance or J.L (on Dads on the air) also goes by the alias of Tom Knoll. Email address is knolled@yahoo.com if you want to drop him a line.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Danny Bell thinks he speaks on behalf of all men!!!

No Wonder the Guys at Familylawwebguide love you so much Danny!You fit in so well with the likes of Lindsay Jackel, Ross Mitchell, Michael Green et al:

http://www.cfmboards.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1771 (be quick before they delete it)

"Political Correctness, Feminiism and some of its origins
by WACMAN on Sun Oct 12, 2008 9:05 pm
Misogyny means that you hate all women. Educated male attacking Feminists use this word alot in their conversations when dealing with men who have strong opinions on things. They hide behind big and powerful words like this because it sounds pretty scary and most average guys don't understand what it means. iI is an overuse of the word and probably applies more to extreme middle eastern religions than western males."Misandry" on the other hand is the hatred of men. We men don't use this word because it doesn't sound as good as "misogyny" does. Sounds like an old school teachers name or somethin. We men prefer "feminazi" which is simpler in it's meaning and easier for simple folk to grasp.Clix, you wouldnt be a true "feminist" if you came here and knocked about with us guys. A real feminist wouldn't be caught dead here and would seethe at what we talk about. CFM would be like their Kriptonite."

Jedi Master

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Joined: Sun Oct 21, 2007 1:26 am

For a photo of everyone's favourite little fat man loser go to:
All of your comments on women, on lawyers, on the indigenous etc have been passed onto the Attorney Generals Department in Western Australia. We will leave it up to them to see if you should be practising as a mediator.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Danytink needs some help??

He posted this on the CFM board:


"Do me a favourThis is for issues specifically with this web site, or requests for things you would like to see.
Forum rules
Post a reply

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Do me a favour
by WACMAN on Fri Oct 10, 2008 8:27 pm
Help put pressure on this shematrix's website. She is doing alot of damage to men here in Oz. Please follow the steps below;First go to this link:http://exposethetruth08.blogspot.com/20 ... learn.htmlThen you will see at the at the top of the webpage a tab that says "Flag Blog" click on itScroll down to the list and place a check in the "someone is posting my private information" circle click on itScroll down and put your email address in the box and underneath put your legal nameScroll down a little way from that and put a check in the box "other" describe in the strongest terms possible your complaint even if you object about what she says about others is allowableThe information is found "all through the site" then click "submit"Do this on a regular basis the more that do it the more they will act on it. Please forward this on to others who you know are being harmed by her.Cheers,Wacman

Danny Danny Danny it is you who harm yourself. Do you think you have friends on CFM board? We don't think so.

Friday, October 10, 2008

We wonder who the Scottish lawyer is and if she would like to know she's being talked about?

Danytink, Donga. Wacman Dipstick posted on familylawwebguide:

Bronze Member

"That's the beauty of non-standard agreements. I help broker a deal that everyone is happy with but that doesn't mean financially equal - just everyone is happy.This female lawyer on steroids from Scotland is on a personal campaign to punish men. She recons that all fiancial agreements should be done formally and include maintenance for the poor wife who ran out on her hubby. "

We wonder just how many female Scottish lawyers could there be around Bunbury? We also wonder why Danny/Donga/Danytink/Wacman has not been banned from familylawwebguide seeing as he has made threats of violence on behalf of them as a group? Is it because he makes a handy tool to do their dirty work?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dannytink seeks clarification on self!

He wrote:
"I am happily married with two kids - just work DR with couples/families.I too am skeptical of the legal profession only because of my experience with them. $30k worth of legal bills is not uncommon where I come from and I think it is pretty disgusting.Telling people they don't need to go to mediation and then stringing the case out lazily batting back the opposing solicitors letters for a better deal is not mediation but procrastination at the clients' expense. Don't worry I see it all.I want a way to help my clients avoid lawyers who charge all together. They are keen to do honourary agreements but have not the time nor money to enter into a round of money sucking exercises with legal representatives.I am in the process of contacting one lawyer who I can strike an arrangement for a modest fee to send my clients to knowing that my agreements have respect with them.I spent hundreds of dollars to get my qualifications - they mean nothing if all it is is a peice of paper with signatures - what am I an idiot or something? "

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dannytink/Wacman/Donga/Tink so it's the single mums fault but not yours?

Donga whined on familylawwebguide.com.au

"I have a bit of a problem needing advice.I am currently on the FRC Government web as a registered mediator. The problem is that my local FRC won't refer people to private organisations. I don't get it and if someone could help me get it I would appreciate it. They refer to other government funded agencies but won't refer to private. We trained through an approved Medition organisation under the AG's department and were told we could receive referrals from the FRC's when they got up and running. If we can't get referrals from then then what is the point of being registered?I am wondering if it is because I am a male mediator and that almost all allied organisations in my town are dominated by women who are single mums? "

We respond:
It might just be that the Family Law Court in WA have checked you out as we did and found a trail of pornography addiction (type not specified but seeing as you act in some role in schools this needs to be clarified), extreme bias against women and indigenous people and church members, we find it not surprising that you are not getting referred as a mediator. We also have reason to believe that there may be an investigation pending.

Why would you blame women who are actually doing the job probably professionally for your own lack of business? So typical of a misogynist, overweight, balding, short man whose wife no doubt left him.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Michael Green/Agog/Sisyphus


You're talking to yourself again Michael/Sisyphus/Agog. Are you feeling a bit confused at the moment?
People are onto you, you know and it must be embarassing to insist on keeping up the charade when a simple "who is Monaro on FLWG" search on Google by new users will bring up this blog to reveal all.

Also quoting the same old mantra and insisting that every member, new or old has to read through all of the posts to find out what a special "portal" it is is preposterous and proves that you have limited knowledge of not only the internet, but of human nature itself.