Sunday, August 31, 2008

More on Wayne/Secretary SPCA/Oneringrules

This site....

Is owned by Louimax which is a company owned by Wayne Butler. On there is the Brisbane Water Speech Pathology....

And there is the photo of Tracey Mee. We wonder if she is the wife of Paul Mee, so called computer wonder boy that is credited with "creating" We wonder what OC Portal would say about that seeing as they created the site and not the Shared Parenting Council.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Agog wrote:

"Why this preponderance of using names from mythology on this site? I can undertand the senior moderator because his name describes his task so well."

Agog did you forget again that you are Sisyphus? Have you ever read Camus, where he says that Sisyphus was the "absurd hero" forever pushing the rock up the hill?

Camus says
"If this myth is tragic, that is because its hero is conscious. Where would his torture be, indeed, if at every step the hope of succeeding upheld him? The workman of today works everyday in his life at the same tasks, and his fate is no less absurd. But it is tragic only at the rare moments when it becomes conscious. Sisyphus, proletarian of the gods, powerless and rebellious, knows the whole extent of his wretched condition: it is what he thinks of during his descent. The lucidity that was to constitute his torture at the same time crowns his victory. There is no fate that can not be surmounted by scorn.

Wikipaedia says:

"Sisyphus promoted navigation and commerce, but was avaricious and deceitful, violating the laws of hospitality by killing travelers and guests. He took pleasure in these killings because they allowed him to maintain his dominant position."

Describes you to a tee doesn't it!!!
Agog/Sisyphus/Michael Green discard the arrogance and realise that you are nothing more than an absurdity!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cosy Little Family

Trevor Bock who works for Michael Green in his mediation company (we're not sure that he has has any qualifications aside from in the aviation industry) was also the VP of the Family Law Reform Association and also State Director NSW of the Shared Parenting Council.

This is where he is pushing for Shared Parenting and Mediation. It also details personal information about his ex wife and daughter that he has put out on the internet for all to read. Tacky!

The openly endorses Michael Green as a mediator but neglects to mention his role in the Shared Parenting Council of Australia and his role on the website (sorry "portal" snicker). Michael Green's own website also fails to mention this role and the fact that it might cloud his judgement as it is commonly known that the Shared Parenting Council is just an angry Mens Rights Group.

Thanks for the boost!

We'd like to thank the today for the sudden boost in visitors and as we all know the more visitors to a site, the more popular it is perceived to be and the search engine rankings are boosted which in turn makes us even easier to find!
I think the person who typed into Google "MikeT is an idiot" to find us wasn't very nice though. We thought you were his friend?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Everyone knows it's a Misogynistic Website!

Readytogiveup wrote:
"Hi I just wanted to provide some feedback for the flwg. I privately emailed a member called Monti, and would like to thank him for his help and advise on some legal and personal matters pertaining to my upcoming ssat hearing. I came to flwg desperately needing some support and help for my situation, but felt too intimidated to post publicly, due to the gender bias, and strong anti-female views held by some members.While I enjoy a 'balanced' lively debate, this is not what I needed from this forum, and feel that if I had of posted, I would have been denegrated by certain members of the forum, just because I am the custodial parent, and a female. Everyone's situation is different, and I don't believe that many threads or posts on this forum, reflect this view.Thanks for allowing the feedback.ready2giveup"

Yeah yeah we already knew it!

Our advice for some of the posters on

For Question! who wrote:

"Oh well, I have to keep reminding myself that it's all about the children and the more my husband earns the more he has to fork out, so we have decided that we will never receive another bonus, and I see this as a real shame for our family becasue we can not make a better life for ourselves. "

Our solution for Question!

For Styx who wrote:

"I,m one of those dodgy dads that doesn't pay my ex one cent and never will again.(long story)However this has been to the detriment of my two children from this marriage.Only just ,as the demands of CS were too great and unreasonable and we are better off if I work as the homemaker. "

Our solution for Styx.

For Question! AGAIN who wrote:

"Money hungry women make me angry and because we have now seen this other side to her ....we live interstate and my husband has a job that works ridiculous hours and we are NOT scum bags."

Our solution for Question!

Well Question! you got the response you did because you tried to offer your husband's ex less Child Support than she was entitled to for his children. You choose not to work so why do you think you are entitled to have your husband provide for you and not for his children that were around before you? AND QUESTION!, YOU ARE A SCUM BAG.

For Zoehasrights who wrote:

"If people in this forum whom claim to be all knowledgable intend to give advice, it should be thorough, not the just CSA view. That all perspectives should be forwarded, whether or not they are morally correct shouldn't be questioned, this is a legal forum (you know, legislation, pollies, lawyers, etc; general overpaid xxxx of the earth responsible for forums like these.) ......Even if ones earning drop, there's a long list of reasons, real or faked..." etc etc etc

Our solution for Zoehasrights.

For Secretary SPCA who wrote:
"We have members who have had significant sick leave, Dr certificates but have still been assessed at higher earnings ."

Our solution for Secretary SPCA.

For Wozza who wrote:
"I simply run a business that employs my wife and I and provides us with an income to live on. .....We split our income evenly between us.They suggested that because I performed the physical work that I was worth more than my wife and that most of the income should be proportioned to me. So much for equality between sexes."

For then Wozza wrote:

"It was revealed interestingly that my Ex-partner works only 20 hours per week. ....I am only one person that, as it appears, has to support my wife in ill health, her son who is studying and for which we don't receive CS payments, and my children at a rate that will financially ruin me......"

Our solution for Wozza.

More from Question! who wrote:

"Why should you have to pay for something that you didn't want? There are other options for a mother in this situation; however, she decided to keep the baby without my husband agreeing, so I believe she should fit the bill. I know this sound rash, but its how I and I am sure thousands of others feel. By the way before everyone gets upset we are law abiding citizens and pay, eventhough I think it is WAY too much for something we get no use out of. "

Our solution for Question!

Posters like Wozza, Question!, Nxus, Bigred, Styx, Vermingard and Zoehasrights are the new breed of deadbeat parents that are attracted to the pus factory that is

Farewell OneRingRules!

We wish you a hearty farewell and would like to thank you for some of your gems of wisdom over the years. Now that you're heading off to your "other committments", we're sure Wayne and Secretary SPCA can hold the reins and manage quite capably unless they have "other committments" too. hehehe
Pssst someone needs to tell Dad4life/Lindsay that Oneringrules and Wayne Butler and Secretary SPCA are all the same person!

You have to be disappointed?

Come on FLWG people, you seriously would have to be concerned with the direction the whole website (sorry "Portal" snicker) has taken?
The calibre of posters is extremely poor, the opinions expressed are laughable and the obvious lack of education of some of the key members would all be an embarassment. We're sure that the participation of the Child Support Agency will not be ongoing past the 6 month trial as we know that they will not want to associate themselves with such drivel. They have their reputation to protect and their input to date has been very limited despite posters on the forum quite blatantly posting methods to avoid paying Child Support which is in essence what the whole forum has become. Uneducated, angry, belligerent fathers ranting and whining and posting tips on how to avoid paying for the children they fathered. Oh and Artemis, the know it all, who is consistently uninformed and mostly completely wrong but just loves to put her 2 cents in, no matter what the topic.
You've all managed to chase away anyone with a conflicting opinion to those of the Mens Rights groups.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good morning!!

Good morning to all of our fans especially those from FamilyLawwebguide, and the Sydney Morning Herald and a special wave to our friends in New Zealand this morning!! And we promise not to mention those fans that work in the Government departments whose Ip's have been logged...ssshhh we won't tell.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

If one was thinking of bad organisations........

One might argue that a worse organisation than the Child Support Agency (as claimed by Jon Pearson) or the Nazi's or Klu Klux Klan (as claimed by MikeT) might be the organisation set up for the Bristish ex Pats. or if one was really being all encompassing might include the New Zealand Ex Pats Society?

For all of our new readers.

You may have come across an Australian based website called in your quest to find helpful and unbiased advice or information. You may have needed to have fair and factual information to help in your own situation in dealing with Family Law, The Child Support Agency, access to your children or other scenarios. You might have even posted a query to this forum expecting to receive helpful advice from someone else who has been in your situation. You probably read the title of the forum, read the Home page which states:

"This website devoted to the special concerns of people facing serious and difficult challenges in their relationships.Our website offers advice, tips and resources to people struggling with having to make important decisions for themselves and about their relationships, their children and their futures. "

and assumed that it was not a gender specific web site and that they were concerned about the plight of both husbands and wives and mothers and fathers.If that was the case then you are WRONG!!!!!

Thefamilylawwebguide is a thinly veiled front for various aggressive mens groups like:
Shared parenting Council of Australia
Dads On The Air
Equal parenting Network
Family Law Reform Association Nsw

Most of the male members of FLWG have a long association with at least one of these groups and it is obvious from the online conversations that are searchable on the site, that a concious decision was made to entice female members to FamilyLawWebGuide in an effort to be taken more seriously.
In other words:

Although a couple of the members make some attempt to at least appear to be fair (Monty), most give up all pretence (knowing full well that they have the support of the senior administration) and launch biased and discriminatory attacks on the female members. At the time of writing there are only 2 or 3 female members that fully contribute and only one (Artemis) that is fully accepted mostly due to her attacks on other female users and of her denouncing members of her sex (in other words she is a suck up to the male members of the group).
They like to toss around such comments as "Femrat" and "Feminazi" to describe the mothers of their children. Of course they don't support the "no Fault" divorce because it was a sudden surprise that their wife just up and left them one day and "stole" their children off them and then proceeded to "steal" money off them. They don't support their children and the website is full of tips and tricks on how to avoid or minimise your child support liability.
The group is headed by an ex NSW Queens Counsel turned mediator who finds it difficult to hide his hatred for women and most times does not bother. The four questions have to be asked:
If you're an ex QC, why do you keep touting it as a qualification now?
Why did you leave the NSW bar only to become a mediator? (Seems like a demotion?)
Why are you still providing legal advice to members of the group who choose to Self Represent in the Courts?
How you you act as an impartial mediator in matters of family law, when you hate women so much?
Another question that is pertinent is why do you all choose to operate under multiple aliases? Is that a deliberate attempt to mislead the reader that there are more active members than there are in reality? And yes Dad4life/Matrix I mean you too. Coincidentally are you aware that the The Matrix Guild is a Victorian support group for lesbian women aged over 40? Then again you probably already did know that didn't you?
And Wayne you haven't escaped notice and it is blatantly obvious which aliases you are on there for all of your patronising ill informed comments.
Jon Pearson? What can one's all their for you to read including the fact that he faked a year of illness to avoid paying child support for his own children. read the case report, it's all on there.
Then there is one guy from WA who actively avoids paying his $50 a week in child Support and openly posts on there how he salary sacrifices just to avoid paying more.
And the mediator from WA who has it posted all over the internet about his hatred for women and his compulsion for pornography.
Familylawwebguide = CESSPIT!!
You have been warned!

OOh oooh ooh a dirty word!!!

It seems that if you call a psychiatrist or a psychologist a "shrink" it is frowned upon by the 2 people in control at FamilyLawwebguide, but the term "feminazi" is not only completely ok but encouraged. Sure!

Danytink will you never learn?

Danytink/Donga/Wacman you are a fool. What gives you the right to post details of your clients on public forums? It is a gross breach of your code of ethics. Your name is all over the internet whining about how you want more business and how it's all not fair because you did the training whine whine whine and you cannot even abide by your own Code of Conduct. Somebody should complain to the Mediator Accreditors.

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Message for the FamilyLawWebguide People

We see you crawling all over this site like flies on a cow pat. You leave your comments, some anonymous some not but we know who you are anyway. Interesting how there has not been a comment left on the threats of violence post. No denial, no rebuttal.
We find it interesting how you all resort to threats of violence when faced with something you don't like. No wonder so many women resort to having to apply for AVO's. Thank goodness for White Ribbon Day.

The Membership Myth on

We're sure that the Shared Parenting Council are bragging to the Attorney General just how many members they have over at The problem is the figures are grossly flawed.
We know for a fact that all of the founding members go by multiple aliases eg; Agog/Sissypuss, OneRingRules/Sec SPCA, Matrix/Dad4life/Manumit, etc etc but a quick check on a few days recently have revealed that other members also have registered countless number of times.

These people all share the same birthdays (on that day) and similar user names and same ages. A coincidence? We don't think so!

Birthdays: dadaluvsya, (40), nzdad, , tjphillipsnz, (31), NZDady, (31), DadNZ, (31) Wow 4 Dads from NZ with the same birthday and 3 are the same age!!

Birthdays: test, (2), meep, , niallmack, (45), niallmack63, (45) Same birthdays and age!!

Birthdays: bimbimmer, (46), ozziemum, , ozziemum1, , strength, (37), Edberg 2 ozziemums with a birthday the same day...what are the odds???

Birthdays: dad4life, , matrix, , Agent Smith Happy Birthday Lindsay!!

This only represents a sample and if you check other days you will see the same pattern. The same people with multiple user names.

Really only about 5-6 members post on that board anyway. They always manage to chase away anyone new with their "robust debates" which is a euphemism for "get the bitch". And out of the members that are legitimate, most do not post at all. We wonder why?

Be watching out now that all the founding members have been exposed for some new user names being created. A little hint, they favour Greek and Roman mythology. You will be able to spot their various styles though which should make it easy to recognise who is who eg: Agog is rude and abrupt and arrogant, Dad4life can't mask his hatred for women, OneRingRules can't for the life him hide his patronising manner, Artemis is a big know it all, etc etc

Threats made by FamilyLawWebguide.

This was posted to us on the comments page on 12th August and we thought it deserved prominence on the front page to illustrate the lengths FLWG will go to stop any adverse comments:

"danytink wrote on the post "More lies from Danytink.":

You go under a series of names on the FLWG page. You are "Get The Facts" and you are "Solemother" and your birthdate is 5/9/1980 or 9/5/1980. You are a female who is about 29 years old and live in Tasmania. You are not "we" but "I" - as if others would be a sick as you are.
I do not have a porn obsession for the last time and I delketed stuff so you cannot take me out of context as you already have.
The FLWG guys are onto you and we are waiting for legal advice among other things we are looking into. Take this slander down and we will persue you no more. We have connections that you don't want to know about and they are not within law.
Lock your doors and windows.

Posted by danytink to Exposing the Untold Truths of Family Law WebGuide at August 12, 2008 11:17 PM "

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Count the Associations to Wayne Butler.

Here's a little game for you all, count how many people are related to, associated with, walked near, slept with, talked with, loaned money to, ate with, gave birth to, or was in business with Wayne Butler in this list.

We lost count after 10 minutes.

Go Monster!

Go Monster! I have to admit we had reservations about you in the start but you're starting to show some backbone. Good on you and don't let yourself be intimidated by the childless and bitter Cricket who thinks it is "She" who pays the Child Support. That woman needs to back off. She has already revealed herself for the hypocrite that she is.
We're loving how Monster is showing you all up!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Who Owns

From the information available online to anyone it can be established that is owned by DiversitechProducts Pty Ltd and Louimax Australia P/L. A quicksearch shows that Oneringrules and his brother were the directors of Diversitech Products P/L (a fabric wholesaler in Queensland) and are now the only shareholders. Louimax Australia P/L and a lot of associated companies are also owned by Oneringrules. So the whole set up is totally owned and controlled by OneRingRules. Interesting.
There's more though so stand by!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Here's a Story you will never see on FamilyLawWebguide!

This was in the News Today. So typical!

Man shoots woman, himself at stationAugust 11, 2008, 8:41 pm

Victorian police and commuters watched as a gunman shot himself dead moments after shooting his estranged partner in the face in a suburban Melbourne railway station car park.
The man, 65, of Keilor Downs, shot his former partner, a 49-year-old Sydenham woman, after she walked to her car at Watergardens railway station in north-west suburban Sydenham about 5.20pm (AEST) on Monday, police said.
The woman was seriously wounded when she was shot with a handgun after a brief argument with the man.
Several witnesses saw the incident.
Detective Senior Sergeant Stuart Bateson of the homicide squad said police could not confirm the relationship between the man and woman.
But police sources at the scene said it was believed the two were an estranged couple and the former relationship was the subject of an intervention order.
Det Snr Sgt Bateson said a police unit was nearby and arrived at the scene within a few minutes to confront the gunman.
"(They) challenged the man to put down the gun. When he saw the police he turned the gun on himself and he is now deceased," he said.
The man suffered a gunshot wound to the head. No shots were fired at police.
Witnesses told police the man was within a few metres of the woman when he fired.
"They told us that there had been an argument between the two of them and the male pulled what appeared to be a small handgun and shot the woman. (He was) very close," Det Snr Sgt Bateson said.

Monday, August 11, 2008

More lies from Danytink.

Danytink deleted what he wrote on the thread but here it is for clarification:

A Thankyou an Apology and a Warning - Do not respondThis is a place for all site announcements and such.
Post a reply

1 post • Page 1 of 1
A Thankyou an Apology and a Warning - Do not respond
by danytink on Mon Aug 11, 2008 5:22 am
Do Not respond to this while my old username appears at right please.Even though I still think this forum is going nowhere, something shocking yet good has come out of my few days back.Let me first offer a thankyou to you Morphman. You sarcastically (and I suspect dastardly), told me about my "swathe" of info across the internet. I Googled "danytink" and to my horror a nasty bitch we had been doing battle with on a Family Law website had taken stuff off CFM and used it out of context about me. The "Porn Busting" threads from last year on CFM were all exposed to the internet by this whore. She tried to make me out to be some sort of peadophile - you can read what she said and my replies if you like here; - a warning, I spit blood., I was pretty upset but that is not where I want to leave this. Morphman, because of the context of our verbal exchange on CFM - i thought it was you man. I assumed it because it sounded like you. Sorry mate. I need to thank you instead. If you (for whatever motive), had not have alerted me to this nasty bitch then I would be in some serious s**t with my registration at Family Court Level. Having the odd backslide with porn is not the problem but they can stand me down until I'm investigated. That would seriously stuff my life up. Again, sorry mate for making an ass out of U and me. My user name is being changed by Jason hopefully soon, so please don't respond until my username says, "donga". The porn Busting threads and their comments will be dissappearing also.Finally a warning. I hope I don't have to spell this out. Maybe your not as dumb as me but do me a favour and Google your user name/s and see what you get - all that s**t is available to anyone who hates you or wants to bring you down. I would not have thought this stuff was so easily available but thanks to Morphman and his dastardlly ways I am enlightened.....tinknomorePlease do not respond tpo this topic until my username says "donga"
Don't leave CFM on account of some idiots you may find here.

We say: What is up with you Danytink? Why keep on lying? There was no battle on FLWG with you or us so why lie? That is not very Christian of you.
We merely asked the question as to your apropriateness to act as mediator given your admission of a porn addiction and some very biased comments about women, homosexuals and indigenous people. In our view that doesn't make you an impartial mediator.

Now you go and spread more lies about yourself over the internet. Do you never learn?

Get Off the SoapBox Artemis!

Artemis replied to Solemother:
"I worked as a single mum, stressed out like nothing, badly in debt. I bought my clothes from lifeline and when on sale. What I got in the hand, less daycare, less rent (no rent assist when you work), less tax was less than parenting payment.Of course, I could have stayed home, gone through CSA rather than a private agreement and focussed on my children and my new vocation as martyr.Instead, I chose to work and now have a much higher paid job than I did then.I knocked back lots of jobs, because I could not work the hours required with young children. These are the sacrifices you make when you are a mum.Had I stayed with my ex, I would be a VERY wealthy woman now. Extremely high double income. Lavish house. We would probably have gone on some very nice overseas holidays with the children.But I stand by the choices I have made. I am still happier now, than I was then and am happy most of the time. My health is good and I feel appreciated and loved. There's not much more you can ask for.As for dating. There is a definite 2 year lull when you separate/divorce. It doesn't matter how many children are clinging to your heels. I think it takes you that long to get your head clear and hold a conversation that does not centre on the ex and what a jerk he was."

You try to make youself sound oh so noble and independent Artemis, when the reality is you got a lot of taxpayer funded help including the baby bonus, you were on a pension, got a crisis payment to leave your ex, your current husband doesn't work and got legal aid as well as free legal advice and most likely pays the barest minimum in Child Support. Hmmmm

Sunday, August 10, 2008

MikeT is a patronising idiot?

MikeT whined:
"I think you are wrong, my understanding of the convention of human rights is that it says that children have the right to know and be cared for by their parents, or words to that effect, not that they have the right to a mother only. Society does support those children, taxes are put toward those children, as such every tax payer is supporting such children.I'm not aware of any right to be a full-time mother, where is this right documented and signed etc? I do understand that here in Australia there is the right to assistance for being a single a parent on low income, by way of the parenting payment single as an example, however I believe that applies to father's as well as mothers. Furthermore this right has limitations as to when the children reach a certain age. As I understand it, that the right to the pension is reduced unless some of that "Full-Time" is relinquished, as society here in Australia deems it not the right of the parent to have this support in total for children over that age, without contributing to society. "

Coming from a Pom MikeT, your comments are very mispaced on this thread. Just exactly how much have you cost the Australian taxpayer with your various court actions in relation to your ex wife and son? It's a pity you weren't billed for it.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

So much raw material, so little time!!

Dad4life/Matrix/Lindsay snarled in response to SoleMother:

"Your disagreement with, and hostility towards, me are noted.'Child support' is bigger and broader than you or I and you need to expand your horizons, considerations and understandings and see the big picture.I won't be looking in your wardrobe love. And I don't dye my hair; it is a vanity and extravagance that only leads to regrowth.There are many men who see beyond the shallowness of fading beauty and children, so perhaps your problem is attitudinal and that may be what is keeping men away.As it happens I do get out whenever I chose. After many years of caring for my now adult child I have more freedom. You will too, if you are patient and not so self-focussed.If it was your choice to end your family and take the children away from their father then yes, you should be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions and get a job and support yourself and the children. That is the honest, decent and fair thing to do ... Don't you think? ... For people to accept responsibility for their actions. (Allegations of abuse will not be taken seriously until we hear his side of the story.)If you are in the minority of separated women who didn't chose to end their families then you have my commiserations and understanding. I recognise that both men and women can do wrong. I do not support unfaithful men abandoning their families and I believe they should provide support as a consequence of their choice and actions. (I do note that some men are chased away by neglect and abuse and that that is different to desertion.)As to reality, the child support, Centrelink and 'disablity' allowances, etc. 'income' of many separated and single mothers equals or exceeds that of the separated or single father. And few women with children are homeless. The State sees to that. No one wants to see homeless children - and women leverage that to their advantage."

We comment: Patronising, bitter, vitriolic, nasty and biased are all words that apply to your reply Lindsay. Sure you are vain Linsday, that's why you post pictures of movie stars on your are not a hunky blond with tanned skin, the reality is you look like a garden gnome. (PS I don't blame you for not posting a picture of is understandable.)
Oh and you won't believe a woman's post alleging physical abuse without hearing HIS side of the story? Really Lindsay? You are a pig. We understand your bitterness though because your wife left you for another woman. It is the ultimate blow to a man's ego is it not?

Spot the real photo.

Gotta love the fighting in the Mens Groups.

Sadly it's a feature of any organised Mens Group" and FLWG hasn't escaped from the aggression and in-fighting that is inevitable when you put a bunch of angry, bitter men together.

Hopefully this site is on the way out like so many Mens Groups before it.
Applause please for Dad4life, LifeInsight, No Justice et al for their help in this very important work.

Monty gets a slap?

This post was edited to include the fact that Monty AND Agog provided legal advice to a gentleman. Previously it stated that it was Monty that helped the person concerned. Did Agog send you a scathing message to make you edit the post Monty?

Where is Agog's licence to provide legal advice?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Gee Thanks Wayne.

Wayne wrote to all users to help explain what a word meant as we all know all of the readers of that forum are just stupid dolts who couldn't google for the life of them:

Wayne ORR wrote
"I post for clarity a definition of Hyperbole....Hyperbole is a figure of speech which is an exaggeration. Persons often use expressions such as "I nearly died laughing," "I was hopping mad," and "I tried a thousand times." Such statements are not literally true, but people make them to sound impressive or to emphasize something, such as a feeling, effort, or reaction. Hyperboles are common in everyday language and in poetry."

The funny thing is Wayne had to google it himself and obviously didn't know what it was either as what he wrote/cut and pasted comes directly from this page. LMAO

Get over it Lindsay!

Dad4life/Lindsay bleated:
I, for one, do not welcome the C$A to this site, nor their participation. If my will were to prevail, it would be otherwise.
I despise any organisation that forcibly takes money from innocent people who have committed no crime. What the C$A does is theft and extortion using mafia-like standover techniques and tactics. I hurt no one and committed no crime. Because of the actions of another person I was forced to pay money to the Australian federal government via its C$A. I will not forget nor forgive that extortion and theft. Nor the harm and hurt done to thousands of innocent fathers over the years.

We say:
So you're the deadbeat Dad everyone is talking about! Loser! So your wife ran off with a woman, get over it! Move on! Build a bridge! Get a life! Your daughter is over 18 now so you don't even pay child support. And Lindsay, although you pay the money to the government, I'm not sure if you know this bu they pay it to your ex wife so she can maintain your daughter. It is called parental responsibility, do you understand now? And we all know you don't want the CSA on FLWG, or women, or non christians, or homosexuals right?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Whitewashing on FLWG.

What has happened to all of the posts by LifeInsight? Why were they all deleted? Did it have anything to do with the fact that the Child Support Agency joined as a member and Lifeinsight had put too much out there how he was actively trying to avoid paying Child Support? How he made dollars and still only paid $50 per week in support for his child in WA? Lucky we have copies of all his posts!

Also does the CSA involvement have anything to do with OneRingRules/Wayne Butler/Sec SPCA edited everybodies posts and making them more aligned to their views?

So much for free speech and no censorship! That site Familylawwebguide is just a carefully crafted testimony to Shared Parenting/Mens Issues!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wayne's Baggage.

There are some key statements in your submission Wayne that make it very hard to believe that you remain impartial and have a balanced view of shared parenting. It is very apparent that you are a woman hater and as you are Site director of how you can still try to maintain that you are fair minded is not believeable in the slightest.

"The current Family Law Act and its draconian contact arrangements are in my personal experience and complete and abysmal failure to many Dads"

"Many Dads appear to be unable to make it through to Family Court due to the time involved and the very significant costs."

"Often its the mother who walks away and forces the father out."

"Accusations are often fabricated by mothers..."

On Child Support: "I would say it allows the mother to spend more on herself than on the children".

Then you even get your parents to have a whinge as well and think everything revolves around them and the fact they live in New Zealand might just be a contributing factor?.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What are you talking about Wayne??

OneRingRules wrote in response to NXUS and Lifeinsight asking about the site FLWG and exactly what it is and who it is:

Site director

nxus said
- makes me wonder if this is a "guide", a "lobby group" or a "public forum" The Portal is a facility for all "Lobby", "Harm prevention" and "Support" groups involved in Family Law reforms, Child support reforms, and legislative reforms around all facets of law and circumstances that impact on families after separation. There have been countless topics about this Portal covered in a number of forums. Have you used the "HELP" button to check out the contacts etc? (See right hand menu on front page) Have you been around the forum topics and used the specialist forum search engine to find any topics on the Portal?
LifeInsight said
What amazes me about FLWG is the secrecy and mystery about it's existence. There is no "about"; "who we are" page listing all the people that have developed and maintain the site. If all these people are known, then why are they not given any credit on here. Why the secrecy? There is no secrecy and mystery. There is an about page, site map and much more in the help sections. There are thousands upon thousands of pages, sections, open forums and secured closed forums for private "Business", so you will not see everything here without having approipriate security permissions for some groups. The developers do not seek any credit, they are like you, having been through family law and child support matters and looking to create a fair and equitable system for those who do not get a fair go. As developers we cannot change the system because that is a job for the lobby groups. What we can do is deliver a platform for those that wish to use it and have a proper dialogue.The platform is not yet completed. We are about 30% through what is a very big development project and fortunately we have had additional developers join us along the way. We are also fortunate to have the Shared Parenting Council and the SRL-Resource groups believe in the Portal as one of the fundamental building blocks to allow the reform movement to get traction as a unified voice. Without the two groups we could not have possibly got to where we are today with around 1.5 Million hits a month and in excess of 500,000 pages viewed.

Hang on a minute! Aren't Oneringrules FLWG Site Director and Wayne Butler the Executive Secretary of the Share Parenting Council one and the same and Michael Green the President of SPCA and Sisyphus and Agog Moderators on FLWG also the same people? Oh yes they are! Did you forget that Wayne when you were congratulating yourselves. Do you think you are fooling anyone....the FLWG is the SPCA. Silly Wayne!